Tangerine Tapioca

Tangerine Tapioca recipe

Ingredients:                                                                          tangerine -tapioca

2½ teaspoons of grated orange rind.
2½ cup of low-fat milk.
1/3 cup of sugar.
3 tablespoons of quick-cooking tapioca, uncooked.
1 medium egg, lightly beaten.
½ cup of tangerine juice.
6 fresh orange segments, to garnish.


Combine the grated orange rind and low-fat milk in a 2-quart glass measure.

Microwave on HIGH for 5 minutes or until bubbles form around the edge (do not boil).

Add the sugar, tapioca and beaten egg to the milk mixture; stir thoroughly.

Microwave on HIGH for 5 minutes or until slightly thickened.

Allow to stand for 5 minutes, then stir in the tangerine juice.

Place plastic wrap on surface, and chill.

Garnish with orange segments when serving.

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